“Defend the cause of the fatherless.” Isaiah 1:17

VISION:  Advocating for the fatherless by educating, encouraging, and loving our adoptive and foster families through prayer, fellowship, practical guidance, and assistance.

MISSION: To be a support base for those new to adoption and foster care, as well as a loving network for families who understand the experience.  San Tan Bible Church is blessed with many families striving to get closer to God's heart for the fatherless by ministering to children in need through adoption and foster care. They are an ever-present example of the Gospel of Christ as they practice "pure and undefiled religion" (James 1:27).

The Orphan/Foster Care Ministry at STBC serves this mission and vision by:


  • Adoption – Guidance and support for adoptive or prospective adoptive families.
  • Foster Care – Guidance and support for foster or prospective foster families.
  • Serving - Although not everyone can care for orphans by adopting or fostering, Scripture indicates that we are all to be involved in caring for orphans in some way.
  • Fellowship where we share joys, concerns, needs, and pray for the fatherless in our community and around the world; and those who care for them.

Why consider adoption or foster care?

  • The need is great; over 150 million children worldwide can be considered orphaned in some sense (double orphan, single orphan, living in facilities, or on the streets).
  • At any given point, there are between 350,000 – 450,000 children in the U.S. Foster Care system.
  • 9,365 children entered the foster care system in Arizona in 2020.
  • The Arizona foster care system served 22,258 children in 2020 – all waiting to be
    reunited with a family or adopted.
  • The family is God’s design: We must work to sustain families, reunite families, and in situations where that is not possible; we must work to find permanent, loving families in which to place children.
  • Showing compassion to these children and their families allows us to shine the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives.

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