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Come together with us as we meet to study God's Word in depth in a smaller classroom environment. We currently have two adult class options (7th-12th graders are also encouraged to attend) with one class meeting during each Worship Service in Room 12. You are always welcome to drop into any class at any time.  We have provided more specific information below. Children's ministry classes are also offered during Bible Hour classes for birth to sixth grade. 

Through the Bible Class | 8:30-9:45am | Room 12

This was our original Bible hour class which, at the time, spent 7 years studying the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  This was followed by a one year study through the Scriptures.  Beginning in the fall of 2019, we returned to Genesis for a third time and are currentlly in another comprehensive study through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  This is an ideal class to jump in any time! 

For more information, contact Justin Parker.

Christian Living Class | 10:15-11:30am | Room 12

The Christian Living class consists of shorter topical studies lasting from 5-26 weeks.


For more information, contact David Lupinetti

Current Class:  The Fruit of the Spirit - March 5 through May 28, 2023

The purpose of this Christian Living class is to practically deal with the fruit of the Spirit as described in Galatians 5:16-26. We will discuss how we wage war against the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit and how we walk in the Spirit by taking a deep dive into each fruit. We look forward to the discussion and spurring one another onto a fruitful life. 'The Fruit of the Spirit' class will spend 11 weeks introducing the topic, learning about the nine fruits,  and concluding with a charge to walk by the Spirit.

NOTE:  Bible Hour classes will not be held Sunday April 9th (Resurrection Sunday).