Membership at STBC

Becoming a member is an important way to solidify your commitment to a local body of Christ which benefits both you and the entire church. At STBC, the process to membership involves the following:

1.  Church 101/Foundations and Membership Class - It is essential for every Christian to understand what church membership is and why it matters.  "Church 101 / Foundations and Membership" is a 6 week class led by the Elders regarding what it is to be a member of a church, and what the Bible has to say about church membership.

2. Membership Application - Every individual who wishes to apply for membership at San Tan Bible Church must complete this form after attending the class.

3. Elder Interview - An STBC Elder will meet with you to review your application, discuss any further questions that may not have been covered in the class and discuss the next steps.

4. Right Hand of Fellowship - Upon becoming a new member of STBC, you will be extended the right hand of fellowship during a Sunday Worship Service.

The next 6-week class will begin April 7, 2024.  Childcare will be provided with advance registration (details on registration form).  

Click here to register for the next Membership Class

For more information, please contact Tim Peelen.