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 Summer Camp Regen 2023

We are so excited to have the opportunity to join Camp Regen again this summer, July 30-Aug 3. Here is a quick summary of the camp...

"Hosted by John MacArthur and Grace Community Church, Camp Regeneration offers high school ministries from across the nation an opportunity to participate in a week of powerful biblical preaching, small group discipleship, Christ-exalting music, and exhilarating fun."

Here is what other youth pastors have said about the camp...

  • “It is great to wholeheartedly trust a program to deliver sound theology in a clear manner, ultimately designed to assist students to grow in the likeness of Christ so as to return to their churches more equipped to edify the saints and glorify God.”
  • “The small group times are the best part of camp. Thank you for doing all the other work so that we can focus on purposeful small group time after each session.”
  • "The messages still ring in my ears, and in many of my students. Thank you for bringing the Word and letting it speak powerfully. Thank you for not diluting it or sugar-coating it. We saw conviction of sin, and new professions of faith in Christ.”

Please check out the Camp Regen website for basic information about the camp. Contact Josh Lindsey with any questions. 

Register HERE.